august reflections

august reflections

August has been a bit of a wild ride. Apparently moving back to the UK was a much bigger challenge than I expected. It has been difficult for me to express how I feel about all the change that is happening so instead I have opted to observe the emotions that I have been feeling over the past month…

This experience has prompted me to focus on the positive things that are present in my life. I find this to be particularly important when much of the news media is also overwhelming and pessimistic. It is very easy to feel swamped.

I hope that this month’s questions help you to realise that you are doing fine, despite how you may feel.

Ask yourself…

  • Who or what am I grateful for this month?
  • What am I good at?
  • What makes me excited to be alive?
  • What activity can I do today that will bring me joy?
  • Where do I feel most at home? Do I need to be there more often?
  • What has been taking up the majority of my headspace this month?
  • How can I be kinder to myself?

All my love,

han X

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