june reflections

june reflections

Even though we are halfway through the year, this month really DRAGGGGED for me. It was ridiculously busy but seemed to last for an eternity.

During June I’ve been thinking about minimising and decluttering in all areas of life, from committing to not buying any new clothes for 3 months to packing up and preparing for my move back to the UK in August.

My hope is that the questions below will be a starting point which you can use to declutter mentally and physically. If something isn’t adding value to your life… why is it still there?

The Questions:

  • Do I need to tidy my room? (I mean like REALLYYYYY tidy it, a good old clear out)
  • Are there any clothes just sitting in my wardrobe, that will never be worn again? Can I recycle, swap or donate them?
  • Is there anything I need to let go of this month? Negative thoughts, negative people? How can I let go of them?
  • When was the last time I stopped to notice the breath in my lungs?
  • Am I dedicating too much time to something that doesn’t bring me joy? How can I refocus my energy?
  • What am I looking forward to next month? Make a list.

If you find it difficult to answer any of these questions because your mind is too busy working at 1000 miles an hour, you can try something else. Take a sheet of paper and record all of the thoughts swirling in your mind. You can use different colours and tools if that works for you or you can just go mad with a biro. DO NOT worry about analysing or categorising any of these thoughts, just get them out. You can include all of the arbitrary thoughts that occur whilst brushing your teeth or walking down the street.

After you have done this, you can explore the thoughts more if you want to. What are your priorities moving forward? Is there anything you need to do? Anyone that you should call?

This may help you to spring (or summer) clean your mind.

Lots of love,

han X

p.s. I wrote a thing for Grazia, take a peek!

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