april reflections

april reflections

I think that we can all agree that April was a pretty depressing news month (apart from the Old Town Road remix release obvs). We’ve seen natural catastrophes, horrific acts of terror and political chaos hit the headlines. Being constantly bombarded with news like this can lead us to feel helpless and apathetic, so I have decided to include some reflection questions that allow us to think about how we can make changes to our communities, and in turn, the world.

Before we start, I would like to acknowledge that doing too much can lead to burnout, remember that to be able to help others, you need to love yourself first. If you need a reminder of the importance of self care, read this.

As always, you do not have to answer all of these questions, they are merely a starting point for you to use in order to dive into your own time of reflection.

Take a deep breath, here we go:

  • Which adjective describes how I feel about this month?
  • Which colour represents how I feel about this month?
  • Is there a particular news story/issue that has bothered me recently? (e.g. climate change/terrorism/lack of democracy/homelessness) Why is it bothering me? How can I turn this negative emotion into a positive?
  • Can I get involved in volunteering in this area within my local community?
  • Are there any books/podcasts/online courses that will help me to understand this issue on a deeper level?
  • Can I make any small changes to my routine to save the planet?
    (e.g. investing in a reusable water bottle, walking instead of driving, remembering my reusable bags at the supermarket, eating less meat) If yes, what is that change and how can I turn it into a goal?
  • How does watching the news/reading the paper/scrolling through Twitter moments make me feel? Is it a positive, negative or neutral emotion? Can I change my browsing patterns to advance up the emotional scale?
  • How can I bring more harmony in my life?

I hope you enjoyed reflecting this month, here’s to a happy and healthy May!

han X

p.s. If you missed the previous monthly reflection posts, find them here:

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p.p.s. If you have a theme/area of life you want me to set reflection questions for, please DM me!

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